Who Are We

Shantha Suryanarayan : Chairperson, Trustee

Aparna Pardeshi :  A software professional , she is a Founder and Trustee of FoC.  Her unstinting devotion to the cause FoC stands for, is one of the main reasons for its sustained growth.

Vani Subramanyam : ( Treasurer )  Founder and Trustee of FoC, she has managed the administrative work, accounting and fund raising since 2003. She has since stepped back but  has continued to sustain her enthusiasm in every project FoC undertakes, with  firm commitment.

Anupama Ganu : Trustee and working member of FoC, Anupama is a qualified Family Counsellor and has been the backbone of the workshop curriculum and management of the project. She also actively participates in the selection of new students every year.

Manoj Kumar Sharma : { Secretary} Manoj  Sharma spearheaded the Unnati program, which essentially means he undertook the responsibility of assuring employment to the students. Since then, he has stepped back and undertaken another gargantuan project...managing the Alumni and programs associated with them. He is part of the Team managing the Audits and Accounting for FoC

Harshad Joshi : A software professional, he was part of the team who set up Unnati. Besides this,  he also set up program Uttam for trail blazers from various courses.

Madhan Narayanan :  has recently joined the Board, has taken on Legal and Audit compliances, which are an integrally crucial part for the smooth running of the organisation.  He also looks into the FCRA compliances as per the requirement of the Home Ministry

Ajay Nathani : has recently joined the Board and has taken on selection of new students, a mammoth task due to the volume of applications received each year . He also manages the administration of the office, the logistics of handing over cheques to students and provides technical support to the running of FoC

Regional Volunteers

A strong network of regional  / Alumni volunteers forms the backbone of FoC's sustained growth. Every project has three levels of management where besides the owner , there are Alum and regional volunteers playing an active role .

In Pune city, we have a large network of professionals from various corporates who willingly spare their weekends to mentor students and help in the running of FoC .