Testimonials from FoC Wellwishers

Unmana Datta


In the years I've been associated with Friends of Children, I've seen young students who first approached us, grow up and get jobs and become independent. It's an exhilarating feeling, seeing that kind of growth and getting to know these smart young people.

FoC's founders are such dedicated, wonderful people. As a volunteer, it's been a pleasure to work with them and learn from them. And as a donor, you know your money is going directly to help deserving young people.

Sadanand Poorajan.

My FoC story began when I approached FoC with little skepticism for sponsoring the school children's winter clothes in Lauki village, Narayangaon, Maharashtra. I think it was January's winter in 2005.  The response was fast and positive. I was surprised at my success too ;). Since then, I actively got involved with them and enjoyed the time spent with the team. Vani, Aparna - the dedicated and committed ones who are going on with their work tirelessly. They stand by its name i.e. they are truly the friends of children. They have taken up the cause for the higher education of the children who are intelligent, but lack the guidance and funds to step further in their lives. I think that their work addresses one of the root cause of our under - development as a nation. All the very best.


Anonymous :

When I found out about FoC, the first thing that struck me was, active members were not getting any salary or benefits from FoC. All the members were well - educated and there was transparency in the entire operation.  Later as I got to know more about FoC, I learnt & liked - Mentor program, Training students in computer or communication skills,part of the fee to be paid by the student, Constant monitoring/evaluation of students etc.


VishnuPriya Pandit

"Accept what you can't Change. And Change what you can't accept". I am unsure who came up with this quotation, however for me, FoC stands for exactly this. The passion and spirit of this initiative speaks volumes about wanting to take a stand and make a change. And how! It would be one thing to just invest yourself in a cause and it is a whole different thing to do it with interest, creativity and renewed vigor year on year. The team behind this, Vani, Aparna instill motivation in all us volunteers. Just looking at them give so much of themselves to - the children, the education, the various modes through which the children are equipped for a better tomorrow- makes one feel capable and empowered to make a difference. Education in India has always been a sore point. So much is said about it and yet only a handful really put some rigor into making a movement towards the cause. Seeing children interested in learning and making an effort to drink in every little effort put in by the FoC team, is heartening. College education, cushioned with extra-curricular activities where there is delight and joy and knowledge transfer all at the same time! Whilst the FoC team works hard at creating lives for the children, I firmly believe that it also contributes to creating fuller lives for all the volunteers.

There is and always will be a difference between 'making a living' and 'making a life'.