What We Do

Nurture Merit Program

Assist students with college and exam fees through their college education until they achieve employability.

Umeed - Hope { Workshop program } 

We at FoC, believe in the holistic development of our students. With this in mind, we have divided our sponsored students into smaller groups depending on the course / year at college for attendance to workshops. We cover various Life skills and facets on personality development through these sessions. Rural students have no exposure to any such platform and over the past years, our workshop schedule has been reaffirmed by the positive feedback and the higher level of confidence our students display. Umeed also has weekend residential programs for sponsored students in Pune city. All our trainers work in corporates and willingly volunteer their time over weekends for our sessions

Unnati - Progress  - Residential Program ( Pre recruitment skills )

We conduct a rigorous residential program for our senior students, preparing them for the professional world. Students are called into Pune for 3 days at a time and exposed to various sessions covering Resume Preparation, Facing Interview Tips, FAQs in Interview, GDs, corporate and email etiquette and requisites that raises the platform for them in this competitive world. A panel of members are invited from various IT and manufacturing companies who conduct mock interviews and give individual feedback to our students , thus giving them exposure and preparation for the real test. 

Unnati - Uday

With good command over English a pre requisite for a good job, we connect one student to one volunteer  thru this program. The idea is to improve the student's spoken English and also  his /her confidence over the language. The unique aspect of this program is that it is entirely conducted over the phone, where the mentor and the mentee dont ever meet. They only converse  regularly at pre assigned times over phone.

SEP = Spoken English program

This is a pre cursor to Uday. Students in their penultimate year are guided thru the grammatical nuances of spoken English and given a strong fundamental base to make it easier for them when they enter program Uday.

Uttam - Honing Excellence

Under Uttam, a chosen handful of students who are toppers in their courses, are mentored individually to hone their talents and shine in their chosen careers.

Udaan - Flight { student volunteer program }

Udaan encourages our students to raise their hand for various social causes and volunteer for them. A weekend residential program is conducted to teach them to manage responsibilities in their regions, manage some admin tasks and bring together students to participate in various social causes. 

Umang - Zeal { Alumni Reconnect program }

With over 1000 students employed  in various parts of India and abroad, FoC has a thriving Alum community. Besides donating generously every year individually and thru their company CSR initiatives, Alumni members actively participate in the running of FoC , managing various projects at second level and mentoring students thru their courses.