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Workshop schedule

  • Student must attend all workshops assigned to their group and organized on a monthly basis at the closest location. An attendance register will be maintained and it is in the student’s interest to make sure his/her attendance is regular.
  • If student does not attend mandated workshops during the year, the name is automatically cancelled from the scholarship list.
  • No telephone calls/ other reasons will be entertained for not attending.
  • Feedback on student’s attendance and record of year will be maintained by Pune office based on which fees will be decided Student is also required to keep a record updated with details of workshops attended.
  • Students in distant places for professional courses should keep in touch postally ( 4 letters a year ) and update Pune office on marks, extra curricular activities etc.
  • The workshop schedule will be posted on the FoC website for students’ reference

Fees schedule 

  • All fees will be paid against proper receipts (original and notarized Xerox to be shown). 
  • Fees will be paid based on a credit system which would include marks scored, attendance to workshops, extra academic / curricular activities and volunteering / social activities.
  • All fees will be paid in cheque form. Student is required to have a bank a/c and produce pass book for inspection.
  • No interim payments of any form will be entertained.
  • The fee distribution date will be announced one month ahead