• Give them the chance to dream, for then they would be inspired to work for those dreams.
  • Every meritorious student regardless of religion, caste, gender, or socio-economic background must have the opportunity to have the right education equipping him / her to lead a successful life.
  • To provide every student with effective, high-quality guidance, learning experiences and monetary support instilling the right values to make a good citizen of India.
  • Founded in Pune in 2002 by three people: Aparna Pardeshi , Venkatesan.N  and Vani Subramanyam
  • Registered as a Trust in 2003
  • Grew from 26 students in 2003 
  • Maintained steady numbers around 230 since 2007 to date.
  • Expanded from Pune city to support students from regions such as Narayangaon, Junnar, Manchar, Ale, Sangli, Saswad, Baramati, Ghodegaon and Rajgurunagar